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We scout models across Africa for international agencies

We Develop, build models portfolio and get them signed under international agencies.



We start with your vision, the purpose of your show and defining the impact you want it to have.

We cast models who not only embody the spirit of you collection but also command the runway.

We scout the venue and design the technical production.

We source the right talent, hair team, makeup team.

On the show day, with the right people in the room, we execute a show that fulfils your vision.



We can help you with your look book and portfolio.

We start with your vision and the emotional response you want your finished image to cause.

We commission the right photographer and the perfect location.

We select the right talent, hair team, makeup team, stylist and post editors.

We cast models who fit your vision and know how to work an editorial shoot.

We then synthesize those elements into a shoot that deliver precisely the images you want.



We focus on Fashion education and fashion business, in which the platform benefits students from high school to post graduate studies.

We enlightening them on the career opportunities in the fashion industry by creating an educational path for them to follow, through the means of fashion workshops, seminars and summer camps.

We also have a network of fashion institutes that provide support and scholarships for outstanding students from the programs.



We feature African fashionistas, fashion brands, fashion events, fashion business and fashion educational programs in Africa and the rest of the world.